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Style Board Autumn 2015 : Achromatist

My take on Autumn's pale neutrals trend - this month I'm showcasing a palette of tan, ash, dusk, stone, puce, fawn, mushroom, silver, chamois... and all conceivable colours in between. It's an edgy achromous collection, exploring the real potential of dressing diatonic - because beige doesn't have to be boring!

Key pieces for the season are Una Burke's 'Leather Shoulder Harness' and 'Leather Hip Cincher' (left of centre).

Jewellery includes the 'Aspex Necklace' from Yvy (top left), and the 'Racing Stripe Hinged Cabochon Collar' from Alexis Bittar (bottom left); plus Nocturne's "Lygia' ring, and Valentino's classic 'Studded Leather Cuff' (both centre bottom). 'Oaxaca Tote Bag' is by Scout and Catalogue - as is the hand-dyed Notebook (both bottom right).

In deference to the changeable Autumn weather, I am featuring a pair of Lambskin Leather Gloves by Alexander Mcqueen (bottom left) alongside a pair of his 'Bow Buckle Sunglasses' (centre bottom). From left to right, you will also notice footwear from United Nude (Rockerfeller Peep Toe Bootie) Acne (Cleo Pony) and Jeffrey Campbell (Calhoun). Scarves are by Toteme (Graphic Stripe, top right) and Vivienne Westwood (Double Squiggle, centre right).

Fragrances are 'Gris Clair' by Serge Lutens (centre right), and Caron's Tabac Blond' (bottom right).

Refrence imagery is from Tim Walker, and Felicity Brown.

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