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Style Board Summer 2015 : Eccentricist

My Summer board is all about quirk! Jarring juxtapositions and candy-coloured weirdness abounds.

Key pieces are the 'Spray Paint' Patent Leather Bag and 'Measuring Tape' Wool-Cashmere Scarf, both by Moschino (bottrom centre and top right) - augmented by Schield's 'Dripping Nose' Swarovski Earrings (centre bottom); plus the 'Spaceman' Backpack and 'Travel Fever' Bag, both by Jump From Paper (centre left, top right).

Earwear is a continuing theme, with Saint Laurent and Futuro Remoto Gioiellii also included (Eighties Lipstick Stud Earrings, top left; Spaghetti Earrings, bottom left) - along with multiple options for eyewear (Craig & Karl X Le Specs 'Houdini' Frames, Linda Farrow 'Pink Cat Ear' Frames, Linda Farrow X Jeremy Scott 'Red Cat Eye' Frames, and H0les 'Classic Shades', running clockwise from bottom left).

Footwear is Kobi Levi's 'Chewing Gum' Shoe (bottom right) and, for Fragrance, I have chosen 'Latex' by Uer Mi, and 'Birthday Cake' by The Library of Fragrance (top right and bottom left).

Refrence imagery is from the Vogue Magazine archive, and Nikki Farquharson.

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