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Style Board Winter 2014 : Wilderness

This board is all about brooding organic forms, and giving the innate character of high-quality materials a chance to really shine.

My key pieces are the Tephra Bracelet by Noritamy (bottom left) and Brass Band Bracelet by Oblik Atelier (top left).

Rings by Jade Mellor (Granite and Resin Hewn Ring, Peacock Ore Hewn Ring) and Christine J Brandt (Lexi Pearl Ring) are featured to the centre left. Fragrances are Absinth by Nasomatto, amd Wendol by Blackbird Ballard.

Footwear is by Y-3 (Shearling and Smooth Leather Wedge) and Strategia (PE4045 Calf Boot and A2145 Ankle Boot). Tar Field Notes Notebook is by Blackbird Ballard.

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